Welcome to michaelhall.ca!

Thanks for joining me here. 

What is this blog all about? 

My day job is to prepare people to engage in ministry in the Catholic Church. You can generally find me teaching a group of young people about our faith, writing about evangelization through Intentional Accompaniment, or reading about theology and scripture. I come across a lot of great stuff along the way, and this blog will be a place to share it with you!

Who am I? I’ve been a lay missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach for twenty years. As a movement, we are primarily focused on bringing the Gospel to university students across Canada. I’m currently our Senior Content Development specialist, which means that I spend a lot of time preparing resources and content to help bring the Gospel to the world. I also hold a Master’s degree in theology from the Augustine Institute. This combination allows me to bring together my education and the experiences of my fellow CCO staff to provide a unique look into ministry and our faith. I’m also the author of Intentional Accompaniment: An Apprenticeship for the Next Generation of Buliders (available from the CCO Store, Amazon.ca, Kindle, Cedar House in the US, and Redemptoris Publications in Europe) and of CCO’s Trust Faith Study, and I’m always working on new publications. I look forward to sharing what I’m learning with you along the way! 

Personally, I’ve been married to Amy since 2005. We have four children (Elizabeth, David, Theresa, and Katherine). While I’m originally from Vancouver, BC, I’ve been living in Ottawa, ON since 2004.

Thanks for reading this far! We’re just getting started here, so stay tuned as we develop this blog into what I hope will be a valuable resource for you.






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